Eric van Paridon

Eric van Paridon is coach and trainer to the bone. He combines 15 years of practical experience in consulting,sales and management with a passion for coaching talent. Eric often returns to his in-depth knowledge of daily practice, making his training courses pragmatic in essence, leading to rapid progress for the participants. He uses storytelling, which inspires people to change. His culture-transcending vision on development of knowledge and skills has given many talented professionals a boost. In providing that vision, he has helped many organizations find their direction. Eric has the ability to incentivize each participant at their individual level, hold up a mirror for them and encourage them. Although this approach can sometimes be confronting, participants have a deep appreciation for the results.

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Marianne van Barneveld

Marianne van Barneveld has been entrepreneur for over 20 years. Since she deployed Management by Gaming in her company around 2012, with the aim of boosting entrepreneurship in her team, gaming has stolen her heart. Marianne has used gaming to address many different challenges: up-selling and cross-selling, customer satisfaction, productivity enhancement, innovation, and more. Her experience feeds into training and coaching the teams and designing the games. She enjoys dropping by for a cup of coffee to fine-tune the objectives and is not satisfied until all the teams are up and running, enthusiastically enjoying the game. Her motto: Doing is the best way to think.