How it works

Every first step sets you on the path to success if you have your eyes fixed firmly on a clearly defined goal. That’s why we like to start by sitting down with you to clarify and fine-tune the team objective. What is the true essence of the ambition you want to fulfil? Once that is clear, we will put together a game that aligns seamlessly with that.

No fancy words or vague concepts – we want to see results.


Training and Coaching
We combine training at the start with coaching throughout the game. Where necessary, we link to all the various disciplines in the company that can provide extra enthusiasm and drive along the way. From upper management to communications, the game and its impact will not go unnoticed.


100 days for long term effect
We deploy business gaming to achieve behavioural change – fundamental and long-lasting. The result is a change that is a perfect fit for your organization and ambitions. That is why our games are always tailored to your needs, and why we play them with the team for at least 100 days. In this period, we can achieve a real change in operational practice.

The resulting change is embedded in your team, ensuring that the impact will persist long after the game is done.